About Indie Live Show

The Indie Live Concert series was created to provide a platform for independent artists to extend their fan base and marketing potential through live performances. Provided exposure to some of the hottest rising and talented singers, producers, dancers, bands and song writers.
One of the biggest struggles for independent artists trying to break into the music industry is creating a strong fan base. Most social media tools such as Face book, You tube, Instagram and Twitter have provided great opportunities to build social media networks, these sites did not help create a strong grass roots fan base for most independent artists. The artist still has to create there own brand and fan base. One of the ways to create your fan base is through live performances. The struggle even with live performances is that most independent artists never perform or travel outside their local cities or state.
Show Purpose:
We will be assisting the artist with the opportunity to build a stronger fan base who will appreciates their music and live performances. This will be a great networking opportunity to connect with other singers, songwriters, producers, labels and mangers outside their local markets. Gaining the extra exposure will help the performers to will build a stronger fan base along there social media network. The headliners in each shows will be a former contestants from The Voice, X-Factor, Duets, American Got Talent and American Idol.
Show Opportunities:
The show will also provide a marketing, networking opportunities, digital distribution associated with the artist merchandise. We will continue to host auditions through the year selecting talent for Indie Live Show experience.